Mason Beebottle
Mason Beebottle

Mason Beebottle

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The lesser-known mason bee is a solitary superstar that can pollinate about 100 times more plants than the average honeybee worker. Welcome these friendly, industrious pollinators with this interactive house made from an upcycled beer bottle. Inside, a bundle of paper nesting tubes invites individual bees to move in, start a family, furnish their new home with mud "mortar," and happily pollinate your plants. The repurposed bottle protects these bee condos from the elements, while the wool felt hanger adds homespun appeal to the compact apiary. Instructions included. Handmade by beer and bee-loving artisans in Idaho.

MADE FROM: wool felt, upcycled beer bottle, paper nesting tubes

MEASUREMENTS: 5.5" L x 3" Dia.


Hang your Mason Bee Bottle outside at about 6-8 feet off the ground. Make sure the space is protected from rain, facing south or southeast for maximum sun exposure, and close to a nearby springtime mud source and plenty of blossoms. In late fall, remove your Bee Bottle and store in a dark, unheated location for the duration of the winter incubation period. Come spring, restore Bee Bottle to original location and wait for bees to emerge and pollinate your garden!


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